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Drug Addiction Support Groups

Drug addiction support groups are generally made up of individuals who share the common experience of having struggled with a substance abuse problem. These former addicts can offer each other an extensive amount of support, which will go a long way in providing a much greater level of understanding than their love ones can offer. Because fellow addicts have experienced many of the same types of addiction related problems, this gives them a much greater opportunity to be able to express genuine empathy. The strength that comes to an addict through the process of sharing with their peers in these drug addiction support groups can makes it easier for the person to continue to stay sober.

Drug addiction support groups can help an addict to begin to learn new and healthier ways to be able to effectively handle some of the challenges that are involved with maintaining their sobriety. These types of support groups can also assist the person with a drug addiction problem, by teaching them how to apply healthy alternative behaviors in the place of their destructive drug using ways.

Drug addiction support groups serve to offer mutual encouragement, as they consist of members who have all struggled with substance abuse. The empathy and validation that is provided by fellow addicts will often help to facilitate personal growth and change in an addict, in a way that traditional one on one counseling cannot. Even though drug addiction professionals may be able to provide a recovering addict with a great deal of direction and support, the information that is shared by other addicts in recovery has a much more powerful impact.

There are many different types of drug addiction support groups, which are commonly facilitated by drug treatment professionals or by former addicts. Many of these drug addiction support groups are sponsored by existing organizations such as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or NA (Narcotics Anonymous). In the age of technology, there are also a great number of web-based drug addiction support groups that offer support to addicts and their families by way of online meetings and interactive message boards.

Below is a list of some of the popular drug addiction support groups:

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) - This drug addiction support groups follows the principles of the twelve step treatment model, which was originally developed many years ago by the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous; NA utilizes strict guidelines that serve to protect the anonymity of every individual who attends these meetings. Furthermore, the information that is shared at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting is confidential and the expectations of the organization are that information from the meetings will not be shared outside of this structured setting. Narcotics Anonymous emphasizes personal accountability; additionally, this drug addiction support group encourages networking with newcomers so that members of the group are able to keep in touch with each other, in order to be able to offer addiction support between meetings. Narcotics Anonymous meetings are held within most major cities across the United States; finding one of these meetings can be as easy as typing the name of the group into an internet search engine.

Narcotics Anonymous drug addiction support groups invites individuals who have struggled with substance abuse with an opportunity to grow spiritually, on their path towards healing from a substance abuse problem. Several of the other aspect of this popular drug addiction program includes an addict taking an inventory of their personal life and beginning the process of making amends to those individuals who have been harmed because of their drug addiction problem. The primary goal of this particular type of a drug addiction support group is for the person who is struggling with a substance abuse problem to be able to begin to heal past issues, and to allow them to be able to face their life with a much greater level of openness and honesty.

Sober Recovery.com-This online drug addiction support group is one of many web-based sights that offer meetings via the internet. Sober recovery offers substance abuse education and one on one support through live message boards that are accessible 24 hours a days; additionally, this drug addiction support group posts a list of meeting times online, that includes the dates and times of when specific groups will be meeting. Sober Recovery also offers a list of links to various other internet based drug addiction support networks; a recovering addict can go click on any of these links to obtain additional substance abuse support and information.

SMART Recovery- is one of the many drug addiction support groups that help addicts to recover from substance abuse; this particular program allows individuals with substance abuse issues to be able to participate in mutual help support groups, free of charge. SMART drug addiction support groups provide individuals with resources that can assist them in starting up one of these groups in their own community. SMART recovery offers people free downloadable Meeting Facilitator Manuals, and offers educational on-line training sessions for people who wish to facilitate meetings. The SMART recovery drug addiction support groups offer a unique 4 point program which aims to help former addicts in maintaining a high level of motivation to stay sober; this is generally accomplished by the drug addiction support group through helping addicts to cope with urges, and by showing them how to effectively manage their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Women for Sobriety (WFS)-is a not for profit web-based organization that is one of the most popular drug addiction support groups for women. Women for Sobriety (WFS) help groups are located all across the U.S. and abroad. Although this women-based drug addiction support group believe that the physiological recovery from an addiction is virtually the same for both sexes, the group was born because a team of professional recognized that the emotional needs form women in recovery are very different from those of men who are addicts. This drug addiction support group's purpose is to help all women to continue on their substance abuse recovery path, through the process of self discovery.

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