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Drug Addiction Checklist

Below is a basic checklist that can be by used to determine if you or a loved one may have a drug addiction problem;

Does the person that you suspect has a drug addiction problem frequently appear to be high or intoxicated? When an individual is often stumbling around glassy eyed, slurring their words, this is a good indication that they may be struggling with a serious substance abuse problem.

Do most of the person's recreational activities revolve around abusing drugs? When a person plans activities that are related to obtaining and abusing drugs, this is a common sign that points to a drug addiction problem.

Does the person hang around with a group of individuals who engage in drug use? There is an old saying that states "show me who a person bums with and I will tell you what you are"; when a loved one constantly hangs around with individuals who use drugs, there is a good chance that they are well on the road to having a drug addiction problem themselves.

Does the person commonly attempt to avoid their family and have they socially isolated from most of their friends? If a person that you love is spending a lot of time and energy avoiding others and spending an inordinate amount of time holed up in their rooms, this could be a sign that they have a drug addiction problem.

Does the person use prescription medications recreationally? Using prescription medications as "social drugs" is a huge red flag indicating that your loved one may be headed towards a drug addiction problem.

Does the individual appear to have a high tolerance, which may be obvious, because they can take large quantities of drugs and not appear to be intoxicated? Tolerance is one of the most common signs that points toward a person having a drug addiction problem; when an individual develops a tolerance to any type of drug, they will need to begin to take higher doses of this chemical in order to get the same initial effect.

Has the individual often been late or absent from their job because they appeared to be hung over? Being unable to get out of bed to go to work in the morning is a common sign that a person may be struggling with a drug addiction problem.

Have any friends, family members or co-workers expressed concern about the possibility of the person having a substance abuse problem? Many times, loved ones will be acutely aware that something is off, and sometimes will suspect that a person is experiencing a drug addiction problem; unfortunately, the majority of the time the family members and friends that suspected that the loved one had substance abuse issues turns out to be right.

Has the person lost previously valued relationships because of substance abuse? When a person begins to lose long time friends that they previously cherished, this is an indication that they may be struggling with a drug addiction problem.

Has the person been arrested for any drug related offenses? When a loved one who has never had any previous problems with the law is suddenly charges with various types of drug related offenses, it is safe to assume that they are headed towards a serious drug addiction problem; unfortunately, loved ones will often only be made aware of these drug charges when the addict is in need of financial assistance.

Can the person easily provide an accounting for the money they have spent? When a loved one spends huge sums of money, but has nothing to show for it, this is a red flag that they may have a drug addiction problem; additionally, if the person becomes defensive when they are asked to account for their money, this is further proof that they have issues with substance abuse.

When the person is confronted about their substance abuse, do they become angry or extremely defensive? When a person is innocent they do not normally erupt into anger; thus, this type of behavior in a person who is confronted about substance abuse is highly indicative of a drug addiction problem.

Located below is a self assessment checklist, which can help you to determine if you have a drug addiction problem:

Have you ever tried to stop using drugs by yourself, but were unsuccessful, even though you really wanted to quit? When you have tried to stop using on your own, but were unable to do so, this is a sign that your drug addiction problem has become serious; it is at this point, that you need the assistance of drug rehab professionals.

Have you ever felt remorse about abusing drugs? Feeling bad about a particular behavior generally occurs because you know that it is wrong to begin with; thus, when an individual feels guilty about their substance abuse, this is an indication that they are headed towards a drug addiction problem.

Have you ever felt the need to use drugs so that you can relax after a stressful day? Using substances to alleviate stress is one of the most common signs of a drug addiction problem; additionally, when a person has come to depend on chemicals to help them to deal with stressful situations, their addiction could quickly begin to escalate.

Have you ever hidden drugs or lied about the dose that you took? People who do not have anything to hide will not be secretive about things; thus, a person who hides drugs and lies about the dose of the drug that they have ingested, are doing so because they are struggling with a drug addiction problem.

Have you ever been involved in any type of an illegal activity in order to get drugs? If you have answered yes to this question, you definitely have a serious drug addiction problem, and should seek immediate professional help.

Have you ever spent your bill money to buy drugs? If you have spent your grocery money on drugs, this is a huge red flag that points to a serious substance abuse problem.

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