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Montana Livingston

Residential Beds for Children

Residential beds for children of parents in Livingston drug rehabs are still quite uncommon. This is very unfortunate because drug treatment for pregnant women and women with children makes more sense than incarceration. Drug treatment is at least seven times less expensive and nearly twice as effective as incarceration. Putting addicted mothers in prison breaks up families and over burdens the foster care system helping to create the next generation of criminal and addicted people. Treatment and residential beds for children in Livingston can break this damaging cycle. It has been well established that drug abuse and alcoholism can tear apart families. One of the saddest situations is when a mother and child are separated due to substance abuse. Often, a child only has his mother for nurturing and support. If she is unable to provide that due to alcoholism or drug use, attending a drug rehab center in Livingston that offers residential beds for children may be the answer.

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Spotted Bull Treatment Center
Spotted Bull Treatment Center is a drug and alcohol treatment program that is located at 603 1/2 Court Avenue Poplar, MT 59255. You can contact Spotted Bull Treatment Center by calling (406) 768-5364.
Types of Services Drug Rehab Alcohol Rehab, Outpatient, Residential Short Term Treatment, Residential Long Term Treatment, Children, Women, Residential Beds for Children, Men, Criminal Justice Clients 
Payment Structure Payment Assistance 

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